Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Service Section

This can be voluntary service in the community or a recognised course e.g. First aid. Students are expected to organise their own service and assessment. Some services can be organised through school, many people have helped in the junior school, listening to pupils reading or helping with a club. The aim of this section is to encourage service to others and to appreciate the needs of the community. The minimum time requirement is 3 months with an expectation of an average of an hour per week.

The Skill Section

Students can follow a hobby or interest that they are already engaged in although they might like to try a new skill to broaden their interests. The aim of this section is to encourage the discovery and development of personal interests, and social and practical skills. It is expected that an average of 1 hour per week be spent over a minimum of 3 months. There is a range of clubs available at school and in the locality.

Physical Recreation

Students have to become involved in some form of physical recreation for a minimum of three months. This can be competitive sport but it does not have to be. Local sports centres run many varied activities to suit all needs. Again, students are expected to spend an average of one hour per week over the total period of involvement. It is up to each student to organise the physical recreation undertaken.


The aim of the expedition section is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery. At Bronze level, participants have to walk 15 miles over two days. Training for the expedition may be carried out during school time and they will also have to attend a training camp where they will be taught many skills by experienced staff. On the assessed expedition, staff or any other adult will not be allowed to accompany the participants, as they have to ‘survive’ on their own for two days. Staff will, however, closely monitor their progress and check them on the camp site.