Children have many fears and many difficulties along the road between early childhood and adulthood, and the society in which we live today imposes some enormous difficulties and pressures on some children. It is thus, hardly surprising that some children find growing up a difficult business.

They do need our help in this, and to help them effectively, they must have confidence in us and trust us. This confidence and trust comes from our concern for each individual so that they feel valued by us, and the consistent behaviour and values that we demonstrate to them. It follows then, that we are all involved in pastoral care with the children.


Form Teachers

Form teachers play an important role in overseeing the pastoral care of the pupils within their form. The Heads of Lower School, Middle School and Upper School along with their Deputy Heads monitor the standard of pastoral care and the welfare of each pupil within their area of the school and liaise with the Headmaster, who has overall responsibility for the pastoral care of all the pupils in the school.

It is the Form Teacher who will see the child every day, who will be in contact with the parent, and who will be co-ordinating the information coming in about the child from other members of staff, or from other children. Normally, it will be the Form Teacher to whom a child needing help will first turn.


GCSE Years

Students can find it difficult to create a distraction free working environment. The temptation of electronic devices, the lure of music and television, and the presence of a tantalising games console in the corner of the room can often be too much for them to resist. ‘Study Plus’ runs every night of the week from 4.00 pm until 6.00 pm and students are encouraged to work individually and in small study groups, developing independent learning habits and a positive work ethic.

During the sessions, core curriculum teachers are on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. These sessions will ensure that work is completed on time, to a high standard, and will develop the study habits that will prepare students well for the challenges of GCSE revision.