Through fostering a passion and love for sport, we are able to guide and support our pupils towards partnership sports teams in the surrounding area which ensures they have the opportunities to participate and compete outside of the school setting, should they wish to. These club partnerships include Tegate Netball Club, Harlow Rugby Club, Harlow Athletics Club, Newhall Rangers and Harlow Cricket Club, to name a few. 

Physical Education remains a core subject in the Upper School, with pupils undertaking one hour of PE and one and a half hours of Games per week (Year 11 only have Games). Pupils tackle more complex and demanding physical activities and develop a deeper understanding of personal fitness and the need for a healthy active lifestyle. 

Upper School pupils have the option to select Physical Education as an option subject over a three year GCSE pathway. This is an opportunity for pupils to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts or physical, psychological and social aspects of the sporting arena and allow them to specialise in three chosen sporting areas in which they will be assessed.  

In Year 10 and 11 Pupils are given the opportunity to select their own sporting programme, allowing for a more personalised approach. This includes offsite activities which include the local fitness centre, self-defence classes and yoga classes. 

Upper School boys enjoy lessons in rugby, athletics, cricket, basketball, football, swimming, health related fitness, cross country, badminton and tennis. 

Upper School girls enjoy netball, football, athletics, cricket, rounders, swimming, badminton, health related fitness, cross country and tennis.

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