GCSE Results Headline 2023

All the pupils achieved 5 or more GCSE passes at grade 4-9, equivalent to a previous grade C or higher, and 95% of pupils achieved 5 or more GCSE passes at grade 4-9, including English and mathematics. In addition, 92% of all grades achieved were at grade 4-9 and 25% of all grades achieved were grades 7-9, equivalent to A and A*.

Value Added

We know firsthand that academic progress varies greatly among students, especially as our young people transition through each stage of our school. Progress isn't solely determined by exam results; it's influenced by a multitude of factors, and each child’s journey through Saint Nicholas School progresses at different rates.

This is where the concept of "value-added" comes in. It looks beyond just exam scores to assess how much a school has contributed to a student's development. If we simply measured the progress of all students of the same age over a period – naturally, we'd see a range of outcomes. Some may make small strides, others may progress at an average rate, and a few may excel remarkably.

However, we understand that academic improvement isn't solely about innate ability; it's heavily influenced by factors like teaching quality, available resources, and extracurricular opportunities. At Saint Nicholas, we prioritise each student's journey and recognise that progress is subjective. For some, achieving a grade 4 at GCSE could represent significant growth, if they were predicted a grade 2 for example, showing how value has been added to their education.

That's why we provide a diverse range of specialist subjects and expert teaching, ensuring every child has the chance to thrive. Our small class sizes and investment in both curriculum and staff development ensure personalised attention and high-quality learning experiences. Additionally, our pastoral house system fosters a supportive community where we closely monitor both academic performance and student well-being.

At Saint Nicholas we are proud to significantly enhance the achievement levels of our young people compared to others. For us it’s about recognising and celebrating the progress each child makes, regardless of where they started, and ensuring they have the support they need to reach their full potential.


Results For Subjects

Subjects including biology, chemistry, core science, art, 3D art and design, food technology, Drama and PE recorded 100% pass rates at grade 4-9, and subjects including English Literature and Language, mathematics, physics, history and geography recorded pass rates of between 91% and 98% at grade 4-9.

Headmaster Mr Ayres is particularly pleased with the pupils’ achievements and said,

I am exceptionally proud of our Year 11 pupils and all they have achieved in such a challenging climate. They are the first cohort to be marked under pre-pandemic grade standards, which makes their achievements all the more impressive. My sincerest congratulations to the ‘Class of 23′ and my very best wishes, as they take the next steps in their educational journey.’