Beyond the core lessons, Saint Nicholas Physical Education department run an extensive before and after school clubs provision that compliments the seasonal sports covered each term. This in turn prepares pupils for the large number of sporting fixtures that take place throughout the academic year.


Physical Education

Middle school pupils enjoy a generous allocation of weekly PE and games lesson, in which they continue to build on and embed the physical development and skills learned in the lower school. As they move through the year groups, pupils begin to apply the skills in more advanced activities.

The focus of lessons shifts to five key concepts that aim to develop self-awareness and the ability to learn in any situation. Physical me, healthy me, thinking me, creative me, social and personal me, are taught through athletic activities, a variety of invasion games, modified net games, striking and fielding games and swimming.

Diverse Sporting Opportunities

Middle School boys enjoy lessons in rugby, athletics, cricket, basketball, football, swimming, health related fitness, cross country and badminton.

Middle School girls enjoy netball, football, athletics, cricket, rounders, swimming, badminton, health related fitness, cross country and tag rugby.

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