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Dear Parents and Pupils, 

At 5pm on Wednesday, a ripple of excitement went through the audience at The ISBA conference. A hand shot up, and our keynote speaker Dharshini David's engaging keynote speech on the economic outlook for 2025 and beyond, was interrupted by the news that the Prime Minister was announcing a general election on Thursday 4th July.

For the Independent School Sector, this general election is particularly significant and much has been written and spoken about on Labour's proposed policy to add 20% to independent school fees; a policy that in reality is a tax on parents who already pay twice for their children's education. American novelist Philip Roth is quoted as saying, 'Seeing is believing and believing is knowing and knowing beats unknowing and the unknown’. 

After much talk and debate, the General Election on Thursday 4th July will finally provide us with some 'knowns' that will shape the independent sector's next steps. Learn about how to register to vote ahead of the general election.

As we move into the weekend and half-term week, it may interest you to learn that on Sunday we mark both National Paper Airplane Day and National Family Fun Day, which might provide you with the excuse to play and put your origami skills to the test. This inexpensive, healthy, and orm of entertainment brings lots of joy and a healthy dose of family competition for those so inclined! You can learn how to make the world record paper airplane for flight time.

Happy flying this weekend and half-term!

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