Inspection Report

Headline judgements………

The quality of pupils’ overall achievement and learning is good. The pupils are extremely well educated in line with the school’s aims to enable them to achieve of their best. In many areas of their work they achieve high standards.

The quality of the curriculum is excellent (and) is extremely well suited to the pupils’ ages, abilities and needs.

The excellent range of extra-curricular activities, transformed since the previous inspection, gives all access to sporting, creative and academic pursuits.

The overall quality of teaching is good. In a significant number of lessons observed across the school, teaching was excellent. Teachers know their pupils well, and the rapport between them adds to the strength of the teaching. The quality of marking and assessment is excellent.

The quality of the pupils’ personal development is excellent. All pupils are extremely confident and responsible. Pupils’ moral awareness is extremely strong. They have a keen sense of right and wrong. They are courteous and considerate. The social awareness of pupils within their school community is excellent. The spirit of teamwork is a vibrant part of the school community, from working together in lessons, to representing the school in sports teams and taking part in drama and musical opportunities. The cultural awareness of the pupils is strong, and tolerance and harmony are part of the school community.

The quality of the pastoral care of pupils is excellent. The staff provide excellent care and guidance for the pupils.

The school’s arrangements for the pupils’ welfare, health and safety are excellent. These ensure that the pupils are looked after extremely well in a caring, family environment where they feel happy and secure.

The quality of governance is excellent. Strong governance, greatly improved since the previous inspection, has ensured that the school is successful in achieving its aims.

The quality of leadership and management is excellent overall. Leadership and management are extremely effective in ensuring that the school achieves its aims of providing a caring, family environment in which pupils from the EYFS upwards thrive. Strong, yet approachable, visionary leadership provides clear educational direction for the school.

Links with parents are excellent. The school maintains constructive relationships with parents, implementing an open door policy that was observed in action during the inspection.

The quality of pupils’ reports is excellent. They are highly informative and give parents a clear overview of their children’s progress, indicating how they can be helped to improve.


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