Careers Education

There is a full careers programme, starting at Year 7 and continuing through to Year 11. This includes visiting speakers, visits to places of work and work experience placements. The school works closely with the Essex Careers Service, Connexions, to ensure that all decisions about the future are fully discussed with parents and children.


The careers programme aims to:

  • provide information about, and encourage an individual interest in the world of work so that students may ultimately choose appropriate careers.
  • promote self-awareness, and encourage students to take responsibility for career choices.
  • assist at 13+ with choice of GCSE courses and at 16+ with choices of courses and establishments.
  • assist the year 10 students in finding work experience placements.
  • develop study skills.


Students learn:

  • to be familiar with, and be able to use the School Careers Library and local career facilities, including introduction to ECBP staff.
  • to practise decision making skills.
  • about the work environment out of school.