Upper School

The Upper School – Extending Horizons

The Upper school provides a safe and supportive learning environment where pupils can reach their full potential, academically, morally, spiritually and physically.

We maintain high expectations of our pupils, and give our pupils self believe, realising the school motto ‘Strive To Better’ by providing rigorous and engaging lessons. We want our young people to be independent, reflective and responsible for their own learning. According to the latest ISI inspection report our pupils are ‘extremely well educated in line with the schools aims for them to achieve their best…they achieve high standards.’

Success is nurtured through an alliance between pupils, parents and teachers working towards a common goal. Through effective assessment and monitoring, we are able to develop a vivid picture of a child’s needs and we work closely with parents, communicating regularly through reports to provide outstanding pastoral and academic care that addresses the needs of each individual child. We also prepare pupils to be part of a wider community through a carefully organised PSHE programme, co-curricular events and voluntary work. Our pupils are courteous and considerate, have self worth, and leave us as mature citizens ready for life outside of school.

Students can find it difficult to create a distraction free working environment. The temptation of electronic devices, the lure of music and television, and the presence of a tantalising games console in the corner of the room can often be too much for them to resist. ‘Study Plus’ runs every night of the week from 4.00 till 6.00 pm. They are encouraged to work individually and in small study groups, developing independent learning habits and a positive work ethic. During the sessions, core curriculum teachers are on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. These sessions will ensure that work is completed on time, to a high standard, and will develop the study habits that will prepare students well for the challenges of GCSE revision.

Mr P Wilson

Head of Upper School