The school has an exciting and stimulating drama department. Pupils can develop their dramatic skills from the age of four. In the early years,self-confidence and communication is developed through imaginative role play. Articulation and voice projection is encouraged through participation in the annual school nativity production.

Lower and Middle school pupils receive one hour of specialist teaching per week. All pupils are encouraged to build on and develop their collaboration, communication and creative skills. This is done through improvisation, text, theatre practice and the exploration of a variety of theatre genres. All Middle school pupils have the chance to see professional live productions and develop their analytical skills.

GCSE is an optional subject which has in recent years achieved 100% pass rate. All of the practical skills developed in the earlier years come together in the pupils work at GCSE. Pupils perform a wide range of challenging materials and extend their analytical and evaluative skills for examination.

As well as extra curricular drama in each section of the school, a flourishing theatre club takes place in the spring and summer terms. There are many opportunities for large numbers of pupils to perform on stage and work behind-the-scenes resulting in an outstanding end of year production.