School Day

Breakfast Club

Pupils may attend breakfast club from 7.30am for which no charge is made currently. Pupils pay for breakfast if required.

The School Day

Each day begins formally at 8.45am with form registration. The Lower, Middle and Upper Schools operate separate timetables. The Lower School lunchtime is from 12.15-1.20pm. Pupils in Reception finish at 3.15pm and pupils in Year 1 to 5 finish the day at 3.30 pm. The Middle School, Years 6 to 8, take their lunch from 12.50pm and the Upper School, Years 9 to 11, at 1.20pm. For the Middle and Upper Schools, the formal school day ends at 4.00pm.

Various extra-curricular activities take place both at lunchtimes and after school. Although there is no formal teaching on Saturdays, occasional weekend or evening attendance may be required in respect of sporting, musical and drama events.

Homework Club and After-school Care

Homework club, for pupils in Year 3 and above, runs from 3.45pm until 6.00pm. After-school care, for pupils in Year 2 and below, runs from 3.30pm to 6.00pm. The charge is £6.00 per day and pupils can be ‘booked in’ on an ad hoc basis or on regular days. Please let the School Office know by 10am on the day that you wish your child to stay.

GCSE Years – Study Plus

Students can find it difficult to create a distraction free working environment. The temptation of electronic devices, the lure of music and television, and the presence of a tantalising games console in the corner of the room can often be too much for them to resist. ‘Study Plus’ runs every night of the week from 4.00pm until 6.00pm and students are encouraged to work individually and in small study groups, developing independent learning habits and a positive work ethic.

During the sessions, core curriculum teachers are on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. These sessions will ensure that work is completed on time, to a high standard, and will develop the study habits that will prepare students well for the challenges of GCSE revision.

Show My Homework

Please click on the following link for the Saint Nicholas ‘Show My Homework’ page: