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Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award

This week, our Year 9 pupils demonstrated remarkable resilience and teamwork as they successfully completed the expedition section of their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE). The assessment, a key component of the prestigious programme, tested their navigation, camping, and survival skills under challenging weather conditions. The expedition took place over two days, and despite facing heavy rain, each pupil remained determined to achieve their goals. Congratulations to all pupils involved and thank you to Mr Jackson for his continued commitment to the programme.

Year 10 

On Tuesday 7th May, Year 10 GCSE geography pupils took a trip to Stratford to focus on the regeneration of the area since the 2012 Olympics. We were accompanied by Mrs Rule and Mrs Wheatley. 

Near the end of the day we had to ask people to fill out a questionnaire based on their own opinion on whether the regeneration had worked in Stratford. After a very welcome Nando’s and ice cream, we got back on the bus feeling very tired after our long day.
Holden, Year 10

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