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Year 6 - Bude

Year 6 had a fabulous residential trip to Bude last week. Packed with so many activities including high ropes, surfing, water activities, to name but a few. An unforgettable adventure for our pupils and so many memories made.

Year 7

Year 7 visited Colchester Zoo as part of their geography studies. Here are Ahmad’s and Aruush’s reports on the trip:

I think that the trip to Colchester Zoo was amazing because we saw lots of animals such as the lion, the tiger, and even the Komodo dragon! At the start we had a talk about endangered animals, and I think it was really intriguing, and also interactive, because the speaker let us come to the front and take a look at objects.The Colchester staff hosted this talk about climate change and its effects, in a place called Kalahari Theatre. We could visit the parrot exhibit and buy some nectar, and feed the birds with them. We had an amazing lunch, which was a baguette, chips, lemon drizzle cake, watermelon, and ice cream too. Overall, I think the trip was fantastic, and it will really help with the project Mrs Rule is going to set about endangered animals. – Ahmad If I were to describe Colchester Zoo in three words it would be outstanding, memorable and intriguing. The Zoo itself was beautiful and held many animals such as Komodo dragons, African elephants, zebras, spotted deers, different types of fish and even pythons. We had a talk from Colchester Zoo staff in the Kalahari Theatre, where they talked about the endangered animals, how they have become endangered and what different pollutions there are which affect animals. The talk was very interesting, and everyone enjoyed the interactive activity where the Zoo staff allowed us to feel and examine different animal parts such as crocodile skin, rhino horn and a green tortoise shell. After we examined the animal parts, we were asked to think about which makes you most upset, which is the most expensive and which is the most endangered. As well as learning lots of new and interesting information, we had a great time buying delicious ice cream and chatting with each other. We can all say Colchester Zoo was an amazing trip and we would rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

This week, in English, our Year 7 pupils have been enjoying dramatising key scenes from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Their first step was to summarise the story, and then to select ten, key scenes. Our directors then organised their cast to recreate their vision of how each scene should be delivered. Great job, Year 7!

Year 8 visit to Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park is a beautiful place and also very interesting for those who are keen to learn more about the Second World War, and how codebreaking was vital to the war efforts.

Everything at Bletchley Park was there when the war was going on. We went inside some of the huts where we saw all the equipment used to intercept the German code, and had a session with a leader who spoke to us about the special machine that was used. This was called the Enigma Machine and we had the opportunity to use it and understand the mechanics of what made it so difficult to crack.

We learnt about some of the key people who were involved in shortening the war by an estimated 2 years, saw some of the vehicles that were used, and found out that most of the workers in Bletchley Park were women. We learnt that all the staff that worked there had to sign the Official Secrets Act, and that there was even a spy passing on information to the Russians.

I would highly recommend going to Bletchley Park, and if you do go I recommend getting an ice cream and eating it on the green whilst looking at the historic buildings.
Pippa, Year 8

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