Middle School

The Middle School – Breadth and Depth

Middle School seeks to build on the excellent opportunities the children have enjoyed in Lower School by providing a firm basis for success. Specialist staff teach all subjects, with the emphasis on building good study skills right from the beginning. There are sessions on organisation, working together and working independently from outside agencies as well as in PSHE lessons.

Middle School Curriculum

In Year 6, students start a graduated homework timetable and by Year 8, they should be spending around 90 minutes per night on this, with tasks to suit individual abilities. The curriculum builds as the children progress, with Year 7 seeing Latin and German added to the curriculum. Good attitudes towards work and behaviour are rewarded through certificates and house points which recognise both high ability and the effort made by individuals. Academic effort and achievement are also celebrated formally after the summer examinations, with prizes and cups for deserving students.

It is not all about academia however. There is a whole host of extra-curricular clubs and events to provide opportunities for students to hone their skills and talents and maybe discover new ones. New students may join Middle School in Year 7, and the unforgettable fun and lively residential trip to Kingswood, with its emphasis is on ‘Learning through Doing’, helps to bond students together, when they challenge themselves to do more than they thought possible. Students also enjoy the many educational trips and to visits from specialists, with the emphasis on everything from developing their language skills, or for budding masterchefs to learn about how we used to eat through medieval cooking workshops. Add to this the plethora of sporting, music, drama and many other activities on offer at Saint Nicholas School- how do students manage to fit it all into a working day?

Saint Nicholas School is a friendly environment where staff, parents and pupils work together. The Middle School students have an evolving relationship with their teachers as they begin to move from children to young people, but the remarkable level of cooperation and trust between pupils and teachers never changes, engendering a truly outstanding working environment and superb standards of behaviour. Underpinning all of this is a strong tradition of pastoral support from a caring team of teachers, whose small tutor groups ensure that worries are detected and dealt with speedily. Parents are kept fully informed of their children’s progress through a regular system of reports using National Curriculum levels in all subjects and both form teacher and subject teacher meetings for one to one follow-up. The aim is always for students in Middle School to move up into Upper School ready to take on the demands of public examinations.

Miss Alicia Castro
Head of Middle School

Saint Nicholas is a school which encourages independent thinking”