Our Philosophy

“A good, friendly atmosphere which creates confidence and a sense of well being in the children.”

Our philosophy is based upon a commitment to sound moral principles and a view of education as an all-round preparation for life. Academic work is given strong emphasis and, equally, sound guidance in personal development is seen as an integral part of a good education.

Aims & Ethos

The school aims to:

  • provide a safe, happy and secure environment in which our pupils are able to develop academically, physically and creatively across a broad and balanced curriculum;
  • challenge our pupils to raise their aspirations and to develop the confidence and resilience to stretch and reach towards their full potential;
  • promote active and curious learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding appropriate for learning, employment and adult life;
  • promote the personal development of pupils, encouraging resilient, confident and compassionate young people with a strong sense of right and wrong and a natural respect for those around them.
  • encourage our pupils to develop an understanding of their social responsibility and a respect for their school surroundings, the local community and the wider environment.
  • provide the stability and security of continuous education on one site, spanning the age range from 2 ½ to 16 years.

Saint Nicholas School has a broadly Christian ethos, whilst actively welcoming children of all faiths and none. Our pupils are taught to respect each other and the community at large and to accept differing views and opinions. We aim to instill the values of compassion, tolerance, courtesy and respect.