Gifted and Talented in PE Day

At the end of last term four Year 5 pupils took part in a Gifted and Talented in PE day along with pupils from other local schools. Here are their reports of the day:

Report by Jack, Year 5
It was a pleasure to represent the school for Gifted and Talented in PE day at the end of last term.  Jude, Lucy, Katherine and I spent the day at Harlow Leisure Zone taking part in a number of sports. In the morning we participated in archery and cheerleading, and in the afternoon we took part in curling and BMX riding. I particularly enjoyed the BMXing because it took a lot of skill, and also the curling as I’ve never played it before. I also enjoyed meeting pupils from other schools who enjoy PE. Everyone was proud to be there on the day.

Report by Lucy, Year 5
Jack, Jude, Katherine and I attended a Gifted and Talented in PE session at Harlow Leisure Zone with about 80 children from schools across Harlow.
After a warm up session, the first activity was cheerleading. We were mixed into groups and had to learn a routine including a lift, which was great fun. Next we had a curling competition where we had to roll discs onto a target. This was followed by archery practise. After lunch came the best activity of all, BMX! We had to race around a course that had been set up outside, weaving through cones. It was so much fun. The day ended with a tennis match. I loved meeting all the other children and it was a fabulous experience.

Report by Jude, Year 5
On Friday 15th December, Jack, Lucy, Katherine and I from Year 5 represented Saint Nicholas at the Gifted and Talented in PE event at Harlow Leisure Zone together with pupils from other primary schools in the area.

The four of us worked as a team and played against other schools. We participated in many events throughout the day including cheerleading, spinning (spinning a disk into a target), archery , BMX and tennis.

In all the events we had to work together and everyone did their best with some excellent work from Jack at spinning, Lucy at BMXing and Katherine at cheerleading. It was a really enjoyable day and the coaches commented on our skills and teamwork.

Report by Katherine, Year 5
On the last day of term I, along with a few other children from Year 5, went to the Gifted and Talented in PE day at Harlow Leisure Zone. We had to do lots of different indoor and outdoor activates including BMXing, cheerleading, tennis and archery. We met children from other Harlow schools and it was an amazing experience. I was very happy that I got chosen to go. It was great. My favourite part was the BMXing – it was very exciting!