Year 7 Zoo Trip

This term in geography, Year 7 pupils have been learning about endangered animals. To tie in with this, on the Wednesday before half term, they paid a visit Colchester Zoo.

Each pupil was able to discuss the topic of endangerment and extinction with the park rangers and they were also able to learn more about what we can all do to help the situation. One activity that caused much debate was poaching, and pupils were shocked to see the range of objects seized by police and donated to the zoo. There were leather bags and other accessories made from crocodile skin, snake skin, rhino horn, elephant tusk, a rug made of leopard fur, and many more items. The pupils talked a great deal around why they were being sold and how cruel this was to animals.

The trip was a very educational experience for Year 7 and many pupils came away from the zoo trip pledging to be more environmentally aware in the future.