Year 5 Avon Tyrrell Trip

Pupil Report by Leo and George, Year 5

We enjoyed our time at Avon Tyrrell because we got to take part in lots of fun and exciting activities such as high ropes, low ropes, canoeing and much more. After a long-winded bus journey, we were finally there. We went up to our rooms to settle in and unpack our suitcases. We were put into groups and set off for our first activity. We went on a terrific night walk, during which we played multiple games and even got to make some exquisite pine tea! As it was the first night, a few pupils felt a little bit home sick but we managed to comfort them and soon ‘turned their frown upside down’.

On the second day, we had several more fun activities to participate in. My group leader was Miss Perez. The other adults who volunteered were Mrs Matthews, Mrs Mizon, Mrs Shubrook and Mrs Mclntyre. For the evening of the campfire, we all changed into warm clothes and had a great time singing songs and roasting marshmallows. That same night, everyone was asleep within twenty minutes – maybe we all
ate too many marshmallows! In the morning we woke up to pancakes for breakfast which everyone
enjoyed. It was quite rainy for our group’s canoeing session, and despite getting rather wet, we all had a great time! Luckily nobody actually fell in the water though! Mrs Matthews’ group were out on the pedaloes and they didn’t end up in the water either, much to everyone’s relief! The next morning, we sang happy birthday to Leo, who was 10, and at the disco we all had a great time, as everyone danced and had a good laugh. The next morning, we enjoyed our last activity before setting off home. When we got back to school, we got a warm welcome by our family.