Year 3 trip to Celtic Harmony

Year 3 pupils had a fantastic time at Celtic Harmony last week. On arrival, they were split into two
tribes, the Wolf tribe (3LC) and the Bear tribe (3TC) and they took part in a number of fun activities
including making torc necklaces, painting their faces like Celtic warriors and a Boudicca ‘treasure hunt’quest. They also tried their hand at archery, first with target practice (well done to lots of children for getting a bullseye!), and then practising their hunting skills by aiming at a wooden deer. Finally, they gathered materials to create their own fires and used flint sticks to light them, which was very tricky. Throughout the day the children earned gold coins for their efforts and then used these in a trading activity. They had lots of fun and there were lots of very sleepy faces on the minibuses home!