ISA Art Competition Success

We are pleased to announce Saint Nicholas School’s results of the ISA Regional Art Competition held last month. The school enjoyed an impressive number of successes this year receiving seven 1st prizes, five 2nd prizes, four Highly Commended awards and Matilda (from last’s year’s Year 11) was awarded The David Bown Cup.

Our first prize winners were:
Henry (Year 7) – A View From a Window; Beau (Year 10) – Galaxy; Niaya (Year 4) – Freedom; Freya (last year’s Year 11) – Wire Shadow; Jack (Year 8) – Blossom; Matilda (last year’s Year 11) – Repeat Pattern; and Olivia (Year 9) – A View From a Window.

Our second prize winners were:
Year 3’s group entry – I Want To Break Free!; Freya (last year’s Year 11) – Sketchbook; Lucy (Year 8) – Moon; Nancy (Year 3) – Lowry; and Poppy (Last year’s Year 11) – Portrait.

Our Highly Commended winners were:
Freya (last year’s Year 11) – Elephant; Year 1’s group entry – Our Dino Nest; Pippa (Year 5) – Sketchbook; and Louis (Year 7) – Portrait.

A huge well done to all of our entries. The first prize winners will now go through to the National Art Finals in February and we wish them all the very best of luck.

The ISA Film & Digital Art Competition is also held annually and Saint Nicholas enjoyed some excellent results as follows:

Computer Animation

Key Stage 2
1st place: Charles (Year 6) – ‘The Heist’.

2nd place: Cooper (Year 6) – ‘Parkour’.

Key Stage 3
3rd place: Rose (Year 8) – ‘Animal Animation’.

Digital Art

Key Stage 2 
3rd place: Finley (Year 6) – ‘Self-portrait with Hat’.

Key Stage 3
Highly Commended: Rhian (Year 8) – ‘Sunshine Portrait’.

Congratulations to our winners and well done to everyone who took part in the competition this year: Alice (Year 7), Charlotte (Year 7), Jameson (Year 7), Maria (Year 7), Jack (Year 8), Jahzara (Year 8), Olivia (Year 9), Ruben (Year 9) and Polly (Year 7).