ISA Eastern Region Art Competition

This Saturday (10th October) sees the ISA Eastern Region Art Competition which this year will take place online.

Entries for each school is limited to a very small number so all our entries deserve a big well done already for being chosen to represent our school in this competition. Winners from each category will go on to be entered into the ISA Art National Competition. We have a total of eighteen entries this year from the following pupils: Max (Year 4), Henry (Year 7), Beau (Year 10), Freya (last year’s Year 11), Marcus (Year 3), Niaya (Year 4), Nancy (Year 3), Louis (Year 7), Olivia (Year 9), Poppy (last year’s Year 11), Lucy (Year 8), Pippa (Year 5), Jack (Year 8), Matilda (last year’s Year 11), the Year 1 group and the Year 3 group.

The full list of entrants and their work can be found in the attached brochure.

Best of luck to everyone taking part!

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