House Music Competition

Wednesday evening saw a fantastic turn out for the House Music Competition Grand Finale concert which celebrated the winning pupils in the recent House competition. There were over thirty pupils showcasing their musical talent and we hope that everyone who attended enjoyed the evening.

There were many highlights of the evening, including brothers Jack (Year 7) and Henry (Year 6), who played the flute and the saxophone together; Lucy and Alice (both Year 6) who dueted, proving that trombones and violins actually work together very well and Conor (Year 7) who played the piano beautifully. Uzo (Year 6) also composed his own piece of music for the event which he played on his guitar.

There was also some fabulous singing, including Emilia (Year 2), Max (Year 3), Nieve (Year 5), Joe (Year 6) and Poppy (Year 11) who was very ably accompanied by Freya (Year 11).
The middle school is clearly full of brilliant singers, including Mia, Beth, Sofia, Izzie and Hope (all Year 6), Freddie (Year 8), Abigail (Year 7), Olivia (Year 8), Bella (Year 8), Kaan (Year 8) and Warda (Year 8). Upper school pupils also put on a great show with Sam (Year 9 – piano), Acer (Year 11 – piano), Lexi, Amelia, Olivia and Ella (all Year 9).
The evening was closed by Harry who amazed everyone with his DJing skills, which was a wonderful end to a brilliant star studded night.
Overall House Music Competition results are as follows:

Lower school choir – won by Saint Francis
Middle school choir – won by Saint Christopher
Upper school choir – won by Saint Christopher
Overall winners – Saint Christopher

Well done to everyone that participated!