ISA Art Competition Eastern Region Results

We enjoyed great success at the Easter Region ISA Art Competition last month. Congratulations to the following pupils for winning their categories:

Erin, Year 10 – Clay Dragon Fruit (Art 3D – Individual, Key Stage 3)
Erin, Year 10 – Silk Dragon Fruit (Textiles – Individual, Key Stage 3)
Oliver, Year 2 – Travelling on the Tube (Photography – EYFS/Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2)
Abigail, last year’s Year 11 – Parrot (Art 3D – Individual, Key Stage 4)
Max, Year 3 – Crab (Drawing – EYFS/Key Stage 1)
Kaila, Bella, Lucie, Octavia, Matilda, Rosie, Ralph, Georgia, Logan, Dylan and Grace from Year 1 – The Changing Seasons (Textiles – Group, EYFS/Key Stage 1)

All of these individuals now progress to the national ISA art finals, taking place in Leeds on 7th and 8th November, which is a great achievement. We wish them all the best for this next stage.

Congratulations also to the following pupils who were awarded either a second place or a highly commended: Ivy-Rose (Year 1), Isabella (Year 1), Jack (Year 3), Oscar (Year 3), James (Year 3), Nil-Su (Year 4), Xanthe (Year 7), Hanna (Year 9), and Zoe, Neha, Abigail and Beau (all from last year’s Year 11).

The ISA have also introduced a new award for this year in Mr Bown’s name which is a lovely tribute.