Le Touquet Trip

The Year 7s have had a wonderful time in Le Touquet. Here is their diary account of their trip.

Wednesday 19th June by Olivia, Year 7

After a very early start, we arrived in France via Eurotunnel, to visit Natur’Pomme, an apple farm, where we were shown around the eco-friendly orchard before watching a demonstration of how fruit juice used to be made. We tried several different juices and we had to guess the fruit from the colour and the smell. I guessed right and they tasted lovely! 

After lunch we made our way to a bakery, where we learned how to make our own croissants with a scary baker who got us to repeat in French the names of the ingredients needed. It was a lot of fun.  

We finished the day at the Etaples WW2 military cemetery. There were so many graves of young soldiers and we were given a cross to put on a grave of our choice.  

Thursday 20th June by Louis, Year 7

Although we were tired from Wednesday, we were still going to have a great day and the sun was shining. Firstly, we walked from our hotel to Le Touquet market where many of us bought souvenirs and knickknacks. We then drove to Boulogne and Becasuc sweet factory where we were shown how they make traditional sweets with natural flavours. Kian and Rose took part in the demonstration, it was very interesting. After lunch in the park (where the seagulls wanted our sandwiches!), we had a great time in Nausicaa Aquarium, looking at all the fish. We then had time for a game of football on the beach, which was a lot of fun, before a game of bowling. At the Flunch restaurant where we had dinner, we all gathered around the karaoke and sang. It was like a party and a great end to the day! 

Friday 21st June by Holly, Year 7

The teachers woke us up at 7am as we had to finish packing before our delicious breakfast. After checking out, we drove to a snail farm. The man was very kind and explained all about the snails in French, but we could understand because he was speaking slowly and clearly. We got to hold a snail and then we tried some! A few people preferred not to have a try, but I did and my favourites were the ones in garlic and butter.  After lunch, we went to do a bit of shopping in a small shopping mall with some good shops. It was then time to drive back to the Eurotunnel to go home. We were exhausted but excited from the trip. Thank you to Mr Rodriguez, Mrs Oakley,
Mrs Stallman, and most of all to Madame Adair for organising all the amazing visits.