Evacuees Day

Year 5 pupils had an exciting start back at school after the half term holiday last Monday, with their evacuees enrichment day. Pupils came to school dressed as World War 2 evacuees. During the day, they created evacuee labels and gas mask boxes, which were essential pieces of luggage for any evacuee. Pupils took the time to think about how terrifying it would have been for a child at this time to be in a city at threat from German bomber planes, and created Blitz art work to show the dangers that the evacuee children were escaping from.

Finally, pupils imagined what it would have been like to arrive in a strange countryside location and wait to be selected by a family who would look after them. Pupils wrote letters to the families they had left behind in the cities. 

Thank you to all of the parents for helping the children prepare for this day. They had a fantastic time.