ISA Art Success

Congratulations to the following pupils for winning their categories at the ISA Eastern Region Art Competition which was held at the school before Half Term.

Matilda, Year 10 (Art 2D Individual, KS3)
Yasmin, last year’s Year 11 (Art 2D Individual, KS4)
Rose, Year 7 (Art 3D Individual, KS2)
Edie (Art 3D Individual, KS3)
Grace, last year’s Year 11 (Art 3D Individual, KS4)
Ivy-Rose, Reception (Textiles Individual, EYFS and KS1)
Hanna, Year 8 (Textiles Individual, KS3)
Evie, last year’s Year 11 (Textiles Individual, KS4)
Georgina, Year 11 (Fashion and Accessories, KS4 and KS5)
Fleur, Year 4 (Sketchbook, EYFS – KS2)
Zoe, Year 11 (Photography, KS3 and KS4)

All of these individuals now progress to the national ISA art finals, taking place in Coventry on 9th November, which is a great achievement. We wish them all the best for this next stage.

One of last year’s Year 11 pupils, Grace, was also awarded one of three Special Awards presented on the day for her outstanding ’Clay Turtle’ piece, pictured.

Congratulations also to the following pupils who were awarded either a second place or a highly commended: Noah (Year 2), Farai (Year 5), Abigail (Year 11), Rosie (Reception), Freya (Year 10), Evie (last year’s Year 11) and the children of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 for their group ‘Butterflies’ artwork.