Year 8 Gothic Tales Storyteller

Report by Edie, Year 8

On Tuesday, Rupert from The Red Heart Theatre Group Company came in and performed two gothic stories as part of the Gothic Horror unit we are doing in English.

The first story was the ‘Red Room’ and the other was the ‘Tell Tale Heart’. I enjoyed listening to the stories very much. My favourite was the Red Room because I liked how he used his body language and voice to identify different characters in the story. He also used sound effects and different types of lighting to create atmosphere and tension in the room. The Red Room had a lot of descriptions that created tension and made us jump!

Rupert explained how these stories were created many years ago and how when the authors first created these stories, they were a new genre.  I spoke to some pupils and they said that they enjoyed the story telling because it was interesting and that they could use what they had heard and learnt in some of their own gothic horror stories that they’ll be writing in English. I am definitely going to use some of Rupert’s  techniques in my own writing and I hope that people will enjoy my gothic story as much as we enjoyed listening to him telling these gothic stories.